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2022 Update

A quick update that the 2022 season is live on the GPS website and available for use.

As we are waiting for snow our 2022 season is scheduled to start on the 8th of January, but as usual, if there's a good fall we can quickly bring in some extra dates and update the website and Facebook pages.

For this year we have a new three day rate option which is hopefully of interest as the half way house for session costs.


Our GPS season passes remain at £125 for under 16's and £150 for over 16's. As always these rates are intended for those training with GPS through the season and are a courtesy from Glenshee.

Currently we, like everyone else, are awaiting updates on any 2022 season restrictions and may therefore have to change plans on a very short notification basis and we will try to update all as quickly as possible with any information we have.

As usual any session booked which doesn't go ahead is cancelled and returned to your credit pot and all of the credit pot is returned at the end of the season.

As we require minimum numbers to run training groups please do not wait until the last minute to join a group as most likely by then the session will have been cancelled on numbers. Weather forecasts have dramatically improved over the last few years and we can generally tell how the weekend will be by the Wednesday booking cut-off and because of Glenshee's layout we can also find the "hidey holes" to allow training in slightly unusual areas improving piste and off-piste techniques.

Hoping to see you all soon.

John G